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Our Story

est. 2019

A Passion For Prancy Pets

Welcome to Prancy Pets, where we are passionate about making pet supplements and treats that are as healthy as they are tasty, because to us, pets aren’t JUST pets, they’re family! What began as just a small dream in our Denver basement has turned into a growing business that is still family owned & operated.

We promise to never compromise our products and only use proven, premium ingredients to support your pet from head to tail. We proudly work with manufacturing partners in the USA and use naturally sourced ingredients!

Most importantly, we are devoted to growing Prancy Pets and to provide you & your pet with a full line of pet care products for your four-legged family member, because we love all animals (not just dogs)!

From the Founders

Prancy Pets Founders & Pets

Ever since we can remember, my husband and I have always loved dogs. So when we finally got a puppy together, we started obsessing a bit… okay, actually a lot. We wanted everything to be just right for our first fur baby.

But three years later, our vet told us Molly had a “bad knee” which was causing her to limp, and she would most likely need surgery in a couple of years.

We began searching for the perfect vitamins to help strengthen her bones and fortify her joints. But back in 2017, there wasn’t ton of options. Since we couldn’t find “the one” we hired a local manufacturer to create the perfect, natural dog treat, loaded with vitamins and minerals.

We realized that we couldn’t be the only dog parents who wanted premium, tasty, wellness products. So we quit our day jobs, started taking orders and Prancy Pets was born.

In addition to Mobility Chews, we now offer Multivitamins, a Daily Probiotic, Dental Chewies, and Daily Dental Rinse.

These days, you can find us in our office coming up with our next product line with our Labradoodle Molly and Mini Poodle Nibber, happily sleeping next to our desks.


Thank you for helping us do what we love every day!

Callie & Peter | Molly & Nibbler