Our Story

A Passion for Prancy Pets

Welcome to Prancy Pets, a family owned & operated company out of Denver, Colorado! What began as just a small dream in our basement has turned into a growing business. We created Prancy Pets with our dogs, Molly and Nibbler, in mind. We wanted to ensure that they are always living a happy and healthy life! 

As pet parents, we were tired of all the unknown and unpronounceable ingredients that you find in some dog foods and treats. So we started with formulating a daily multivitamin for dogs to truly benefit your dog’s health and happiness.

Over time, our original recipe evolved into a new & improved formula, to promote hip and joint function, support connective tissue, cartilage health, soothe aches & pains and enhance nutrient absorption. 

We promise to never compromise our products and only use proven, premium ingredients to support your pet from head to tail. We proudly work with manufacturing partners in the USA and use naturally sourced ingredients! 

Most importantly, we are devoted to growing Prancy Pets and to provide you & your pet with a full line of pet care products for your four-legged family member, because we love all animals (not just dogs)!

The Pets Behind Prancy Pets

Molly - Our Labradoodle
Nibbler - Our Mini Poodle Mix